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Equestrian Riding Arena

by Carla Whitmire | Mar 06, 2012
Whitmire Grading provides grading for a Horse riding arena in western NC.

Work is progressing on the construction of a 200 by 70 foot wide horse riding arena that we are building off of Barclay Road in Brevard, N.C. After being contacted by the owner we worked together to find the most suitable location on the property and then decided, after looking at different options, what materials and methods would be used to produce a finished product that would withstand the harsh environment of horse training. On this arena the site was graded and then covered with a layer of 8 ounce nonwoven fabric for added stability. An 8 inch layer of silty clay was placed on top of the fabric and then topped with 3 inches of manufactured sand to provide optimum footing for the horses.