Company History

Whitmire Grading has carried on the tradition of the highest quality grading services since Jerry T. Whitmire started the company in 1979.With a single axle dump truck, a small track loader and a homemade trailer, Jerry T. Whitmire Grading was created in 1979 by Jerry Whitmire.  Originally started to satisfy his passion for moving dirt and to supplement his income as the superintendent of a local rock quarry, Jerry worked on small grading projects in his spare time.  It didn't take long for his reputation of fairness, quality and affordability to spread and customer demand to increase.

In 1983, Jerry left his full time position at the rock quarry and dedicated himself to the grading and excavating business.  Jerry was joined by his son Denny in 1985, forming a father and son team that would last until the untimely death of Jerry in 2006.

Jerry T. Whitmire Grading was incorporated in 1990 and for more than 30 years has provided quality grading and excavating services for numerous projects throughout the region.

Today, Jerry T. Whitmire Grading, Inc. is under the management of Denny Whitmire, who is still emphasizing the same values instilled in him by his father:

  • Fairness
  • Quality
  • Affordability

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