Safety is Priority

Safety is enhanced through continuing education such as this OSHA 30 hour training course

Safety is priority at Jerry T. Whitmire Grading. It is our belief that each employee who walks on to the job at the beginning of a shift should be able to walk off the job at the end of the shift. We provide OSHA 30 and 10 hour training courses, trench competency training, confined space entry training, etc. for our employees along with weekly safety meetings and meetings for any project specific safety issue when needed. Our employees are our greatest asset and their health and well-being is our main concern. 

When fully loaded, large dump trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and can be lethal if not maintained and driven properly. To ensure the safety of the public Whitmire Grading only employees experienced drivers. Safety and mechanical features are inspected at the beginning of each shift and to further ensure everyone's safety each truck is equipped with a gps unit that allows monitoring of employee's driving habits.    

Removing excess material from a commercial project in Asheville,N.C.