Excavation Work and Grading Services


Cutting, filling, balancing, hauling, excavating and grading. From stake to subgrade, we know how to move dirt. We employ a full line of state-of-the-art land excavation equipment including excavators, dozers, loaders, skidsteers and compaction equipment, with experienced field personnel and operators to run it. We have full construction excavation services capabilities and can offer turnkey packages for all types of site construction.


Many projects that Whitmire Grading takes on can range from the subgrade level on up. In these cases we are able to step in, fine grade, set the stone base and prepare the surface for paving. Proper fine grading of the stone sub-base relies on thorough knowledge of parking lot paving. An improperly graded stone base can be devastating to the paving operation. We guarantee that the grading and excavating services are performed in conjunction with your asphalt paving to prevent too much or too little blacktop from being laid down.


Parking lot grading in the 21st century often demands higher tolerance or greater speed. We have dozers and graders equipped with the latest machine control technology. We also do computer aided takeoff and design. We are able to produce the machine control files in house along with working closely with your engineer to make sure that what is on the prints gets replicated in the field to the most reasonable degree. We can rapidly detect questionable grades on the print that do not reflect the conditions in the field and quickly adapt to the existing conditions. This saves time, money by reducing the effort that has to occur to go back and fix these problem areas.

Before you pave your new parking lot, you may need an excavation contractor like Whitmire Grading to perform land excavating services and grading. This will ensure that you have the proper subgrade for paving. Land excavation is a crucial step that needs an experienced excavation company with the right equipment and people.

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