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  • RediRock Retaining Wall

    by Carla Whitmire | Jun 05, 2012
    Whitmire Grading works with new and existing sites on grading and retaining wall projects.

    We are currently constructing redirock retaining walls around an existing home. The new owners wanted to create more level area at the entrance of the garage and also be able to access the main level of the house from outside the garage which will be possible once this wall and steps are completed.

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  • Utility Installation in Asheville, N.C.

    by Carla Whitmire | Apr 24, 2012
    This crew is installing a utility line in Asheville, N.C.

    One of our crews is currently working on the utility installations on a commercial project in Asheville. After connecting to the taps provided by the city, lines will be installed connecting the proposed building to city services

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  • Residential Driveway Construction

    by Carla Whitmire | Apr 24, 2012

    Carving a 180 degree turn on a road in Brevard, NC

    With a skilled operator at the controls, this bulldozer is grading a 180 degree turn in a road in Brevard. Even though the natural lay of the land presented challenges, Whitmire Grading was able to find a route that when finished will be safe and comfortable to drive.

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  • Clearing the land

    by Carla Whitmire | Apr 13, 2012
    Whitmire Grading has state-of-the-art excavators with skilled operators that handle an excavator as an extension of their hands!

    Before grading can begin most trees that are in the limits of construction have to be taken down and the stumps and overburden removed. This is started after the erosion control measures are installed. 

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  • Barn and Riding Arena in Lake Toxaway

    by Carla Whitmire | Apr 09, 2012
    Crews are currently grading a site for a barn and indoor riding arena in Lake Toxaway, N.C.

    This grading project is for a barn and indoor riding arena in Lake Toxaway. The rough grading is complete and now the site is being finish graded.The septic system has been installed and gravel is being placed on the driveway and parking areas. Areas are seeded and mulched as they are finished to establish ground cover and control erosion. 

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  • Storm Drainage Installation

    by Carla Whitmire | Apr 09, 2012
    Whitmire Grading has many years of experience with storm drainage systems  This is the MAHEC project in Asheville,N.C.

    Storm drainage installation is in progress at the MAHEC project in Asheville, N.C. The crew is aligning the laser transit and setting the grade for the next structure in the line. After the system is installed the area will be filled to subgrade which is near the top of the concrete structures. 

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  • House Site Excavation

    by Carla Whitmire | Mar 22, 2012
    Whitmire Grading provides land clearing services for a residential development in Brevard, NC.

    Our operators have cleared the trees and have completed excavation for the foundation on this house site that we are currently working on that is located in the Chasewood community in Brevard, N.C. When the driveway is completed the site will be turned over to the contractor and construction will begin. Our crews will return at a later time to back fill the foundation and finish grade the site.  

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  • MAHEC Building #3

    by Carla Whitmire | Mar 15, 2012

    The MAHEC project one of the many commercial projects that we have worked on in the Asheville, NC area over the many years of business.

    We have just started the site work for MAHEC Building #3 in Asheville, N.C. We will be performing all site work, including grading, retaining wall construction, asphalt, curb and gutter, storm drainage, water and sewer installations, working with the general contractor, Monteith Construction out of Charlotte. It is a 2.5 acre project with a proposed  three story building that is scheduled for completion in April of 2013. 

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  • Equestrian Riding Arena

    by Carla Whitmire | Mar 06, 2012
    Whitmire Grading provides grading for a Horse riding arena in western NC.

    Work is progressing on the construction of a 200 by 70 foot wide horse riding arena that we are building off of Barclay Road in Brevard, N.C. After being contacted by the owner we worked together to find the most suitable location on the property and then decided, after looking at different options, what materials and methods would be used to produce a finished product that would withstand the harsh environment of horse training. On this arena the site was graded and then covered with a layer of 8 ounce nonwoven fabric for added stability. An 8 inch layer of silty clay was placed on top of the fabric and then topped with 3 inches of manufactured sand to provide optimum footing for the horses.   

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  • Residential Grading

    by Denny Whitmire | Feb 02, 2012
    Whitmire Grading provides the highest quality finish grading in western NC and upstate SC.

    Finish grading is being completed at this home site in Cedar Mountain where we have been working with S&J Custom Homes. Initial clearing and grading were started in the fall and construction has progressed very quickly. The owners will be enjoying their new home very soon! 

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